Cooking Class Guacamole, Pico De Gallo Salsa and Spanish Rice

Guacamole Serves 6

Pico De Gallo salsa Serves 6

Spanish Rice Serves 6

How to make baked tortilla chips

You don’t have to put olive oil on them. If you are using whole wheat tortillas or corn tortillas; I have found putting the whole tortilla right on the oven rack with no pan. This will allow them to crisp up nicely. Then just break apart.
You can do the same thing with whole wheat pita pockets. Cut into smaller triangles and place on a baking sheet. No need for olive oil, they crisp up nicely.

Another way to make fresh salsa

You can really be creative when you make fresh salsa. Use different peppers, onions, more or less cilantro, garlic. Make it as hot or mild as you like.


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