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Eat With Awareness
Laura is a non-diet dietitian who is more interested in WHY her clients eat than WHAT they eat. She helps people develop a healthier relationship with food and enjoy every eating experience. (Article)
“You were born worthy… and that can be hard to internalize when you’ve been bombarded with messages saying your worth is linked to your body and your food choices.” –Laura Jean

Mindful Eating
Headspace is a meditation app with recordings that encourage listeners to lead mindful lives in all aspects, including mindful eating. (Article) (Poster)
“Once we’re able to trace back our emotions around food and acknowledge the dynamics at play, we are better equipped to put down any notion that some foods are “good” and others “bad.” Food is just food.” –Headspace

Intuitive Eating (Article)
Mindful eating = focuses on the FOOD EXPERIENCE: Fully experiencing the tastes and textures of the food on your plate.
Intuitive eating = listening to YOUR BODY: Paying attention to foods you truly want to eat and how much you’ll need to feel comfortably full.

Hunger Scale
Visualization of hunger vs satiety. (Graphic)
“Use the Mindful Eat-mojis to gauge your hunger before you start eating. Check in halfway through the meal. If you are at a “6” or above, stop eating and save the leftovers. If you are below a 6, continue until you are satisfied.”

Weight Fluctuations Are NORMAL
Bree Lenehan is a body positivity advocate who strives to normalize frequent weight fluctuations. (Article)
“No one talked about how much their body changed and tummy expanded throughout the day, so I thought the way mine did was abnormal and something to be ashamed of… Turns out, it happens to most of us; we just don’t talk about it openly and know how to ‘hide’ it. So I wanted to show just how real those changes are.” –Bree Lenehan

Rethink Your Drink
Natural replacements for sugar sweetened beverages. (Article)
Find water bland? Add slices of fruit.
Missing carbonation? Add a splash of 100% fruit juice to sparkling water.

Stay Hydrated
Benefits and importance of staying hydrated year-round. (Article)
“There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Water intake must be individualized, and you should check with your doctor if you are not sure about the right amount for you.”

Local Farmers Markets 
Farmers markets are a great source of locally grown and flavorful produce. (Article)
Downtown Appleton Farm Market: Saturdays: 8:00am – 12:30pm; June 3 – October 14, 2023.
The area’s largest Farm Market with more than 100 vendors and live music.


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